10 Things That Say Spring Is Here (For Now!)

In a previous life, in more consistent climates, the 21st March used to mark the beginning of Spring, which is basically code for it-is-almost-SUMMER!

In London though, I learnt to treat it as a non-event, the 4 seasons being inconsistent at best, inexistent at worst , with a very strong over-index on grey, cold and rain (I often sometimes wonder if the seasons are messed up, why do we end up consistently having they depressing wintery ones….). 

Anyway so beyond a date, I learned to rely more on those subtil signs that indicate that spring/summer MIGHT be coming (sometimes  often it doesn’t come at all…SIGH): 1) more than 3 consecutive days of sunshine, 2) temperatures in the sun that creep bravely up to 16-17degrees Celsius, and 3) girls going bare legged* 3) rain periods tend to be restricted to night time or short bursts.

Now if you live London, you can guess what I am going to say next: Spring is HERE!

I am not one for Spring cleaning (more like weekly, seriously trending towards daily cleaning instead) OR Spring wardrobe sorting – I have ONE wardrobe that takes me through whatever season.

But I do have a ritual, or let’s call it a rite of passage to embrace the new season:

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Now & Then – Exotic Holidays

This is the very first picture I’ve ever put on this blog of my little family.

When I say picture, I mean masterpiece drawing, courtesy of The Little Man.

Which happens to be a perfect rendition of our latest holiday: Hubby and The Little Man playing around in the water with what looks like extremely messy/spiky hair, and my unusually slim self (thanks Little Man!) in a 1 one piece swimsuit (you can’t see my belly button!), happily swimming under the water….although I have to admit that when The Little Man first showed this to me, I was horrified that he drew me, lazily lounging in the sun whilst Hubby was doing the playing thing ( jumpy much?). Thankfully the Little Man reassured me that it was me doing the mermaid (a personal favourite I must confess).

Now like I said, this nicely summarises what we have been up to in our latest long haul/ exotic holiday, our first since The Little Man came onboard!

And it was different. Very different.

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A Diner Party Miracle

A few Fridays ago, I had a diner date with my good friend B* at my home.

On D Day, I picked up The Little Man from school and decided to treat him at Pizza Express, the ultimate kid treat!

While he was eating, I texted B to make sure our plans were still on.

I texted**: ” Are we still on tonight?”

She texted back: ” Yes! What time do you want me to be there?”

I replied: ” I am with The Little Man in Pizza Express. So with traffic and all I should be home by 6.30″.

To which she replied: ” Oh! Ok then. I will stop by my place, grab something to eat as well and I get come over for a coffee afterwards I guess?”.


She thought I was inviting her AND wasn’t bothering to provide some any kind of food.

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O for Oversized Coat

I was about to call this post – channeling my inner Kim Kardashian.

Then I thought again…

It felt like moving from Gwyneth to Kim is too much of a wide split for this blog to handle.


Why did I think about Kim K?

Chunky Oversized Coat.

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Being Gwyneth (Paltrow)

One of my most consistent hobbies habits is dieting.

Or rather, thinking about dieting.

Talking about dieting.

Planning some dieting.

And unfortunately little of actually dieting.

Recently, I decided to trial a new concept to help me successfully fulfil, like in real life the above mentioned dieting challenge.

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My New Colour Obsession

I have a new obsession.

A beauty obession.

Berry lipstick. Or to be exact THE perfect colour of berry lipsticks.

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