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The Pretty is in The Detail

Today, at work, as I was powering through my emails at the speed of light (1 index finger at a time) ,  my cute-detector (as it says on the tine – built in natural capacity to detect cute stuff..and by stuff I … Continue reading

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5 Signs that Spring is here!

March is just around the corner and  I am starting to see and feel that Spring vibe and how everything and everyone are lightening at the prospect of leaving the gloom of Winter behind us. Famous last words, I know, … Continue reading

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Vintage Me!

I was looking at the latest topics I have been talking about lately and realised that there were very focused on birthdays, feelings and other emotions. So I thought it was time to shake things up a little bit and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake & Happy Tears

Today is my birthday. And after all that nerve racking suspense leading up to this day (birthday present anyone?), I can’t reveal that just yet. Hubby claimed that although he got used by now to the pressure (really?) of buying … Continue reading

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Things I have done since I turned 30…

I was reading recently yet another post on “things to do before you turn 30″ and wondering why I have never compiled that kind of lists; you know, “things to do before something happens” (although I can reassure you nothing … Continue reading

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Birthday countdown…

Next week, I am turning…mmm…1 year older. Although I find less and less reasons to celebrate the fact that the years keep flying faster and faster and my cells are regenerating slower and slower, there is one thing that always … Continue reading

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